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Dental 3d scanner monitor in the dentist's office

Oral Cancer Screenings and Gum Disease Treatments in Ritchie and Neighbouring Areas

Regular dental checkups are extremely important. They help to ensure your oral health is optimal and that you’re free from a variety of gum diseases. At Millcreek Dental Care, patients count on us to treat gum disease and screen for oral cancer in Edmonton.


We follow the Alberta dental fee guide!

We Know the Signs

During a dental checkup, your dental hygienist will also perform an oral cancer screening. With years of training and experience, our hygienists know what to look for to help catch oral cancers as early as possible. Catching abnormal textures or lesions early gives you the best chance of effectively fighting oral cancer. This won’t necessarily happen at the first appointment, but it can happen during subsequent appointments.

Choose experience, choose commitment. Choose Millcreek Dental Care! Schedule a dental checkup with our team. Contact us today.

The doctor orthodontist scans the patient oral cavity
woman at the dentist office

We can provide regular appointments, same-day walk-ins and emergency treatments.

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