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Mouth Guards in Ritchie and Neighbouring Areas: Custom-Fitted Sports Guards & Bruxism (night time grinding) guards

With Millcreek Dental Care, your teeth can be protected day and night! Our team of dental professionals in Edmonton can fit all our patients with sports guards and Bruxism (night time grinding) guards to help preserve their smiles for years to come.


We follow the Alberta dental fee guide!

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports guards are essential for any contact sport; one bad play can have a lasting effect on your teeth. We make custom mouth guards that are individually created to fit your teeth. They can provide more comfort, stability and protection than store-bought models. Compared to store-bought guards, it will be comparably easier to speak and breathe while wearing your custom guard.

Boy putting in his mouth guard
Man Adjusting Transparent Aligners In His Teeth

Bruxism (night time grinding) guards

Bruxism refers to involuntarily grinding your teeth, particularly at night while you sleep. This can cause headaches and pain in the short term and serious tooth damage in the long run. We can fit you with a customised bruxism guard that will stop you from grinding your teeth together and will protect your oral health.

Keep your teeth healthy and in good condition for many years to come! Contact Millcreek Dental Care and preserve your teeth.

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We can provide regular appointments, same-day walk-ins and emergency treatments.

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