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Fight Tooth Decay with Dental Fillings in Edmonton

When you’re suffering from tooth decay, visit Millcreek Dental Care in Edmonton. We’ve been treating patients for almost 21 years, and we have the experience and qualifications to provide fillings in order to improve the look and feel of your teeth.

Personalized Fillings for Your Mouth

Fillings have come a long way! Millcreek Dental Care aims to provide fillings that precisely match your teeth, helping to create a beautiful, inviting smile. Should you need a tooth-coloured filling, Dr. Sandeep Kanwar will clean all decay from the tooth and place a bonding material on the inside of the hole. This filling will be the same colour as your existing teeth and cost much less than gold alternatives. Best of all, these direct fillings can be done in just a single appointment in most cases! We offer composite resin fillings, and we provide the option to remove silver fillings, if needed or requested.

Don’t let a cavity cause you discomfort – visit Millcreek Dental Care to get tooth decay treated. Call today to book an appointment at the first sign of pain. We can accommodate same-day bookings and emergency appointments.


Flexible Appointments

We can provide regular appointments, same-day walk-ins and emergency treatments

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