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The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning: A Guide from our Edmonton Dental Clinic

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) recommends regular teeth cleaning in Edmonton for children, adults, and older people. Regular means at least once per year or, ideally, every six months. Do you frequently skip your scheduled cleanings? If so, this guide is for you. Here are the reasons to consider seeing your dentist more often and the potential consequences if you don't.

Preserve Gum Health

Poor gum health, also known as gum disease, is the most common dental issue in Canada. 70% of Canadians experience gum disease at some point in their lifetime. Plaque buildup causes this condition. Bacteria are attracted to plaque and end up infecting the surrounding tissue. Over time, the infection can cause pain, bleeding, gum loss, and even loss of teeth, jawbone, or both.

Practising good oral hygiene is not always enough to prevent gum disease. Regular dental cleanings are the only way to eliminate gum disease-causing plaque.

Prevent Tooth Decay

96% of Canadians have had one or more cavities, a type of tooth decay. Also known as dental caries, cavities are common among Canadian youths, affecting 59% of 12 to 19-year-olds. Like gum disease, the cause of tooth decay is bacteria. Sugar and plaque buildup on your teeth, attracting bacteria. Improper oral hygiene can lead this bacteria to build up, which destroys your enamel over time.

Dental caries are completely preventable with good oral hygiene. Once they form, cavities are irreversible. Then, you need regular dental cleanings to identify and treat the decay.

Get Whiter Teeth

Having white teeth is not an indicator of good oral health. At the same time, a bright, white smile can boost your confidence. The reverse is also true: stained or discoloured teeth take a toll on your self-esteem. Consuming dark-coloured foods and drinks can make your smile look less white. Yet, a more common cause of yellow teeth is plaque accumulation. When too much tartar builds up, at-home dental care won't help.

Instead, you need professional cleaning. Dentists have access to tools for a deeper clean than consumer products can provide. Plus, they can recommend professional whitening for maximum brightness.

The Consequences of Not Getting Regular Cleanings

Gum disease, cavities, and discoloured teeth are not the only potential consequences of avoiding the dentist. Not getting regular cleanings can also lead to the following:

· Bad breath

· Tooth loss

· Infections

· Abscesses

· Bone loss

These problems don't exist in a vacuum. They have the potential to cost people thousands of dollars in dental care. Prevention is the better strategy here, which is why regular teeth cleanings are so crucial.

Need a Teeth Cleaning in Edmonton?

Getting regular cleanings can reduce your risk of gum disease and cavities. They also promote a brighter, whiter smile. Meanwhile, failing to get bi-annual teeth cleaning in Edmonton leads to costly consequences you want to avoid.

Do you want to prevent the consequences of infrequent dental cleanings? Millcreek Dental Care is here for you. Schedule an appointment with Millcreek to start improving your oral health.

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